A day at Laxen

Here are the explanations applied to what happens during a day at the pre-school

When: 7.00
Where: at Forellen
How: between 7.00 and 8.00 the sections are merged.
Why: to calmly start the day and to play with children and pedagogues from both sections.

When: between 7.00 and 9.00
Where: indoors at the pre-school or outside from 8.30 on Wednesdays.
How: pedagogues meet the children and caregivers/parents. A distinct goodbye is important – a parent should not leave without saying goodbye to their child.
Why: to give the child and parent a confident and positive start of the day.

When: 7.00-7.15
Where: at Forellen
How: the preschool offers a breakfast consisting of milk/water, sandwich and fruit. Breakfast is served until 7.15 so that children having breakfast can eat in a calm way before more children arrive. If the parents want to send a different breakfast that’s okay. This breakfast can be eaten until 8.00.
Why: Children who have trouble eating early in the morning have the possibility to eat breakfast at the preschool.

When: 9.00
Where: in the playroom.
How: the children are sitting on their marked spots. We check who is here and who is absent and what’s going to happen during the day. The gathering ends with fruit for the children.
Why: It is a nice to start the day together and to practice listening, to concentrate, and learning how to act in front of others, etc….

When: at check-in and check-out and at outdoor play/ activities.
Where: in the hallway.
How: at check-in and check-out it’s the parent’s responsibility to put on or take off the outdoor clothing.
The pedagogues encourage the children to try clothing themselves, before asking for help, and to help each other.
Why: to practice put on and take off outwear

When: when necessary, before lunch and after the rest time.
Where: in the rest rooms.
How: a pedagogue changes the diapers in the way the child prefers. Potty training starts when the child shows interest.
Why: to practice good hygiene. The children should feel safe in these situations.

When: 11.00
Where: at the respective section
How: we gather in smaller groups, then we read books, tell stories, sing, play etc.
Why: to gather the children before lunch and have a nice calming time together.

When: 11.30
Where: in the kitchen, playroom and hall.
How: the children sit at their marked places. The pedagogues encourage the children to cut and eat the food as much as possible. We wash our hands before and after the meal.
Why: to establish good eating habits. lunch is a good time to talk together.

When: 12.00
Where: The playroom, a cozy room or outside in a stroller. The rest time is adjusted to each childs needs.
How: every child is resting on their own mattress on marked places and we listen to stories (cd-player).
The oldest children read books or listen to stories
The ones who need to sleep, sleep outside in a stroller, if possible.
Why: to satisfy every child’s need of rest.

When: during the day when not in planned activities.
Where: our sections or in the playground.
How: the children choose play/activity. The pedagogues divide the children into smaller groups for the play/activity to work.
Why: to stimulate creativity, cooperation and social ability.

When: 14.30
Where: in the kitchen and in another room.
How: before and after the snack we wash our hands. The pedagogues encourage the children to handle themselves as much as possible
Why: to establish good eating habits. The snack time is a good time to talk together.

When: 16.00 – 17.00
Where: at one of our sections or outside in our yard.
How: 16.00 we merge our sections. If the weather is okey we ususally end the day playing outside.
Why: everyone shall have a nice ending of the day.

When: at pick-up time.
Where: in our sections Forellen/Regnbågen or outside on the playground.
How: a pedagogue helps the child to pay attention to who is coming to pick-up the child and together they meet the parent. The pedagogue tells the parent about the day and we say goodbye.
Why: to give the child and parent a good ending of the day.

When: several times/term
Where: Gamla Uppsala
How: we go for a walk to the woods, different playgrounds etc.
Why: to experience nature and surroundings in different weather and seasons and learn how to respect nature, traffic etc.