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Laxen is a parent run pre-school in Gamla Uppsala. To have your children in a parental-cooperative daycare allows for the parent to have maximum insight and the possibility to influence your child’s care.

At Laxen, our most important priority is to fill the child’s day with different, positive experiences. It is safe, fun, interesting and educational to attend Laxen.

Parent Association. The benefits of a parent cooperative.
Laxen is a parent cooperative that provides many benefits. We are a small preschool with an excellent teacher to child ratio, where all children get attention and their needs met.

Staff education and training is a priority, which is continually updated on an ongoing basis.

Before a child starts the schooling in process at Laxen, an educator will visit the child at their home. This will help both the child and caregiver to feel safe and secure before the first day of school. Children at Laxen can go for field trips, such as going to the theatre.



As a caregiver, you have the opportunity to take responsibility and be part of making Laxen a great place for your child. Caregiver responsibilities include two weeks of cleaning per year and taking part in an activity group. The groups are as following:

● Indoor Group
● Outside Group
● Information Group
● Party and Meetings Group
● Purchasing Group

Laxen gives a socially safe environment for all children. Children and caregivers get to know each other very well, which creates a social foundation continuing into elementary school.


Parents Association

Principal and Legal responsibilities lie with Föräldraföreningen Laxen i Uppsala, ekonomisk förening. Membership in the cooperative is all caregivers that have their children at the pre-school. The cooperatives board is responsible for operating the pre-school and the teachers are responsible for educational activities and child care. To have your children in a parental-cooperative preschool allows for the parent to have maximum insight and the possibility to affect your child’s care. The cooperatives board has a chairperson, secretary, human resource manager, and three additional members. These positions are elected during the yearly meeting of the cooperative.


Would you like more information?

Telephone: 018-32 31 25
Principal office hours: Monday 8-15, Wednesday 13-16

E-Mail: (to the teachers) (to the chair person)

To receive a place at Laxen, your child should be placed in the city’s childcare line with Laxen as the first choice.

To place your child in the childcare line or to get more information on fees, rules, etc, contact the childcare administration in Uppsala. or 018-727 00 00.